Drupal Commerce 2.16 Brings New Opportunities for Online Merchants

E-commerce brings immense opportunities for online merchants nowadays. More and more merchants and retailers decide to hire e-commerce developers to build their online stores that will boost their online sales. In this article, we’ll describe the new e-commerce offered by Drupal Commerce 2.16.

Drupal E-commerce Development for a Truly Flexible Online Store

With Drupal e-commerce development, opportunities are endless for businesses. Drupal Commerce2.0 was released in September 2017 which marked the new era of the development of modern, feature-rich, user-friendly, and fast Drupal 8 stores. Every day, new e-commerce opportunities are added to Drupal Commerce, like the new cart Flyout module that increased shopping cart usability.

Let’s take a closer look at what Drupal Commerce 2.16 brings in for businesses indulging in Drupal website development.

What’s News in Drupal Commerce 2.16?

Drupal Commerce was released on December 11, 2019. Here are some of the new opportunities that it brings for online merchants and retailers with Drupal stores.

Shopping Cart Expiration

Shopping cart abandonment is often experienced by online stores. User may lose their interest, or may not be ready to buy, so they abandon the shopping cart. Marketers send abandoned cart reminders to users to get them back to buy.

Apart from these reasons, a website’s performance poor performance also leads to abandoned carts. E-commerce websites that keep abandoned carts as order entities in the database, especially e-commerce stores driving huge traffic will have thousands of abandoned carts. They need to be deposed off from the database regularly, which is why e-commerce cart expirations are needed. With Drupal Commerce 2.16, you can set the number of days for the cart to expire and with every Cron run, the corresponding carts will be discovered and then queued for automatic deletion.

This work used to be carried out by the Commerce Cart Expiration module in Drupal 7 and now it is available in the Drupal Commerce main package.

Sales Promotion Start/End Times

Sales promotions have always been effective in boosting sales opportunities. With Drupal Commerce 2.16, you can set the start and end date of each promotion. Specifying the exact time avoids confusion with buyers.

As e-commerce sites deal with global buyers, the creators of Drupal Commerce 2.16 creators should take different time zones into account by adding a timezone field to specify the promotion’s timezone.

Views Integration

It is an incredibly popular query builder that allows you to display content as you like. Views, is a part of Drupal 8 core, however, there was no seamless field integration between it and Drupal Commerce until now.

This issue has been fixed by writing a View integration class for the Commerce system – CommerceEntityViewsData.

Tax Rates Specific to Products

Many e-commerce websites need to apply standard taxes or no taxes at all to particular products. This required developing a custom tax resolver. The Drupal Commerce creators have created new opportunities for everyone to set the product-specific taxes from the user interface.

To achieve this, the creators developed the Commerce Product Tax contributed module. They want to get feedback about it and then later include it into the main package.

It’s Time to Move to Drupal Commerce 2.16

So, these are a few opportunities brought by the release of Drupal Commerce 2.16. Therefore, if you’re relying on Drupal website development for your online store, you should hire Drupal developers who can help you with Drupal e-commerce development. If you hire Drupal developers, they can update your Drupal store to the newest version, build an e-commerce store from scratch, or migrate your existing store to Drupal Commerce from any other platform.

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