What are the factors of eCommerce Website Development Costs in India?

Business enterprises looking to understand the eCommerce website development cost must know different factors that go into consideration. An e-commerce website combines different variables determined by the business type and its target audience. It is your responsibility to analyze every factor carefully before starting eCommerce website development in 2023.  

To make your understanding simple, we have discussed all contributing elements in detail when calculating the costs.

web design and development

1. Software Costs

An e-commerce platform helps to build an engaging website to sell goods. The CMS costs depends on the platform type you select, functionalities and other business needs. Most of the e-commerce platforms have both free and paid version as per the features. Moreover, every platform offers deep customization, extensions and official support. When it comes to open-source platform, dedicated customer support is not available. Instead, solutions and tips are available through online forums.

2. Domain Costs

Domain costs is another factor involved in eCommerce website development and should be consider on a priority level. Domain names should be catchy and can be leased as per the requirement. The prices depends on the extensions as well as the service provider you avail from. If your desired domain name has to be purchased from a private seller the price could be on higher side.

3. SSL Certification

The importance of an SSL certificate can’t be ignored because it protects the user data, and checks any malevolent activity.  Most eCommerce website needs customers personal details before making any transaction. To ensure data remains safe and secret SSL certificate is needed. The HTTPS website traffic is encrypted by SSL. If a website has an HTTP web address it is usually considered as unsafe by the web browsers. Look for a secure version that is HTTPS.

4. Payment Processing Costs

Every transaction performed on your website has a specific fees incurred. The process is managed by a payment gateway and the charges rely on the payment method of customer. Many business enterprises pay a Merchant Discount Rate on every online transaction. Several payment gateways offers a custom pricing plan to meet the specific business requirements in a secure manner.

5. Hosting Costs

Hosting has a vital role during  the web design and development and it is a server storing all the essential information. There are several hosting services consisting of shared hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud web hosting and many more. The key role & responsibility of a host is to improve the website speed and performance. Drupal offers its own hosting feature when you use their services. The hosting costs rely on different factors including security and traffic, SSL certificate, domain name and server.

Additional Website Development Costs

The above points comprise of key features to build an eCommerce website. But, there are other points which also involve input cost for improving functionalities and to keep the store working smoothly.

  • Live chat feature
  • Security software
  • Content creation for banners, products and titles
  • Design elements including brand logo and colors
  • Search engine optimization
  • Data migration and backup for security
  • Website maintenance and updates

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Wrapping Up

  • commerce website development is determined by the features that fit your brand. Development needs substantial funds and knowing which process is beneficial is important too. When deciding cost, just calculate the price as per the features in the long run. It is evident when your e-commerce website grows it turns out to be costlier. An eCommerce website is important for a business expansion on global front and it is the most popular business model. Selecting a professional website development company is always an important aspect.

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