Is Drupal the Leading CMS in 2022

A content management system (CMS) is required to provide visitors with a positive web experience. Because visitor retention is critical to the success of any business, you should only use a highly secure CMS with a diverse set of themes and plugins. A good CMS should have modern features such as plugins and themes, content creation and moderation tools, scalability, flexibility, and security. Drupal is one such CMS that is capable, and it is one of the most popular platforms among businesses worldwide. Let’s look at why Drupal is still the leading CMS.

Advantages of Drupal

Although Drupal has numerous advantages, the following are a few of them.


Drupal does not rely on plugins to extend its functionality. Modules are in use instead. You can also select from various pre-made themes or create your own. Drupal allows you to organize large amounts of content more precisely and quickly. Drupal has recently created dozens of additional modules to expand its overall functionality. It focuses on providing more customization capabilities, it is better suited to more experienced Drupal developers than beginners.


Drupal is a feature-rich and secure content management system that allows you to scale up your website to meet the needs of your expanding business. Drupal’s adaptable API architecture enables you to manage millions of data and content items in real-time. And easily handle even the most intense traffic surges without downtime or availability issues. Furthermore, the platform builds to provide exceptional online performance even in high-traffic environments. Drupal is also well-suited to various caching plugins that speed up page loading. You can hire Drupal developers to scale up your project.

Content moderation

Drupal also has an excellent feature known as content moderation and configuration management. Because of its built-in workflow management and access rights that adjust with various workflows, you can examine and approve versions before your content is released. Drupal 10 will include configuration management, allowing your developers to push, pull, and commit changes across multiple environments. These features are not in many other open-source CMS solutions currently available on the market.


Drupal 9 equips businesses with the tools they need to create customer-centric experiences. From the moment your website loads, it should meet the needs of your visitors, guiding them towards that all-important purchasing decision. Using personalized and customer-centric interactions that make each visit to your site feel like it is customized to meet their individual needs across multiple channels.


Security is always a top priority in Content Management Systems, and Drupal prioritizes it more than any other CMS available today. Increased security is one of Drupal’s distinct selling points. And one of the primary reasons why Drupal development is becoming more popular among government agencies. They frequently require high levels of security on their websites. You can hire a Drupal developer to set up security levels in your project.


Auto-tagging tools, such as Drupal’s Metatag module, allow you to automatically add meta tags to your website, which is beneficial for search engine optimization (SEO). Drupal’s Metatags module also lets you shape how your content appears on social media sites by utilizing the APIs. And all of these tools combine to make Drupal SEO one of the best and most customizable web CMS options available.

Drupal 10 release

The new platform sets the standard for CMSs based on personalization and scalability. Not to mention the possibility of integrating CRMs such as Hubspot, eCommerce, and Salesforce. Drupal 10 will be built on Drupal 9 and provide a ready-to-use user experience. Drupal developers will include JavaScript elements and automated updates in the next version to create a personalized digital experience.

Conclusion: To summaries, Drupal is an excellent choice for creating a website or migrating an existing CMS system. Although the platform is designed for high-end businesses and global organizations, startups and small businesses can also use it. You can consider hiring Drupal developers for your Drupal projects.

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